Cotting Students Share Meaningful Insights in Disability Month Blog Series

November 2, 2017
Sara smiling in front of some Cotting Student artwork


Elizabeth riding a horse


Cotting Friends Connor and Justin


Alex and Justin sitting at a table, chatting, in the Cotting School dining room


Alexa doing work at her desk







At the beginning of October, when we began working with a few Cotting School students on a series of student-centered blog posts, we had an idea of how meaningful the project would be, but the project and the reach of the messages our students had to share exceeded our expectations! We are proud of the students who shared “something you might not know about ” in our Disability Awareness Month Blog Series and though we’ve turned our calendars from October to November, we hope you will join us in reflecting on what our students had to share. We invite you to join us in continued celebration of all of our students all year long:

  • We applaud their own awareness of themselves and their ability to self-advocate, like Sara does.
  • We honor their own visions for their futures and their dedication to working toward those goals, like Elizabeth does.
  • We smile and laugh along with them as they form lasting friendships, like Connor has.
  • We know how dedicated our students are to learning, as Alex is, in order to be as independent as possible.
  • And we are thrilled that our students see themselves – like Alexa does – not limited by disabilities!

In the month of November, we begin to focus on the people and things in our lives that make us grateful. At Cotting School we are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be part of our students’ lives. Cotting students are students, friends, workers, scientists, mathematicians, readers, activists, artists, athletes, performers. They are also teachers. Cotting students teach us perseverance, patience, compassion, dedication, tenacity, kindness, generosity, humor, grace.

If you would like to learn some of the things Cotting students have to teach, consider donating your time to Cotting School or other organizations like Cotting! Here are just a few ideas ideas and resource links:
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