I’m an enthusiastic learner who worked hard to pass the MCAS!

October 11, 2017

Elizabeth riding a horse“I use a wheelchair to move around because I cannot walk,” describes Elizabeth (“almost age 18”). “Because I am in a wheelchair, people assume I am not smart. They make a weird face and they talk to other people around me instead of to me directly.”

A few minutes in Elizabeth’s company, however, would shatter that misconception. She is engaging on any subject, but especially about her ability to advocate for herself and her goal of teaching others to do the same for themselves. Using a combination of her own voice, and her fingers flying over her iPhone (which serves as an augmented communication tool for Elizabeth) she describes a time recently when she surprised a waiter by ordering her own meal.

Elizabeth talked about her preparations for college, where she wants to combine her love of learning and her passion for horseback riding. Her goal – to become a horseback riding instructor. “Horseback riding makes me physically stronger and more confident. I want to give others the same opportunity to feel that freedom.”

Join Cotting School in celebrating disability awareness month, October 1-31, 2017!

Watch Elizabeth in action! She recently shared her perspective as a keynote speaker at Cotting School’s “Making Things Possible: Social Success” Conference, along with two of her peers.