I like chocolate, sleepovers, and chillin’ with my besties!

October 5, 2017

Sara smiling in front of some Cotting Student artwork

Hello everyone, my name is Sara. I am 18. I use a computer to speak. It has eye gaze so I can select a letter or word by looking at the screen. I have had my device as long as I can remember. My mom says I was four when I got my first high tech device.

People react better to me when I have my device. When I don’t have my Tobii device people talk baby talk to me, or ignore me and talk to my mom instead. It is hard for strangers or new people I meet to understand that I use a device and am smart and can answer them. They also don’t know how to wait for my answer. I don’t always write a comment because by the time I am done everybody has moved on. I don’t like people that read my device before I speak and answer, except when I call them over to read it – like telling a secret.

People who use devices can express their thoughts. I like things that a lot of girls like – chocolate, sleepovers, and chillin’ with my besties.

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