Egg Drop!

July 28, 2017

That’s a wrap on summer school week 3!  Before we head off to the weekend, we want to share our visit with Mr. Mitropoulos and Ms. Maimone’s classes as they put some of their science knowledge to the test!

This afternoon, both classes learned about the notions of force and impact, part of an Engineering unit in their summer science curriculum.  Both teachers challenged their students to create a padded barrier to surround an egg, that would protect the egg from cracking from a 20 foot drop!  Each student got creative, using paper, tape, and plastic to build a protective layer and make a prediction about whether their egg would survive the drop from Zunke Bridge!

Unfortunately, we were 0-6…6 scrambled eggs! We still had a ton of fun though.  Have a look below at our (slo-mo) capture of one of the egg drops!


Last week the group studied buoyancy, and next week’s focus will be on bridges.







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