Summer School 2017 is officially underway!  This year’s Summer School theme is “Athleisure,” a blend of “athletic” and “leisure.”  The word has been around since the late 1970s, but it has recently become popularized by the rising trend of stylish activewear. Whether it’s competitive team sports, recreational athletics, yoga for health purposes or workout wear for comfort, we will spend our summer engaging in all things athleisure!

In addition to our academic courses, our Lower and Middle School students will be choosing from two Wednesday afternoon activities, Flamenco Dancing or Martial Arts!  We will continue our Friday afternoon soccer games for the Lower and Middle School students as well.

Check back for more updates over the course of the summer, and check out the photos below from day one of our athleisure summer!


Things get serious during a game of capture the flag!

Students are baking dog treats for sale – keep an eye out!

Upstairs, students are blending some delicious and healthy smoothies!

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