For many years, Cotting students published a literary magazine, called the “Beacon,” filled with stories, poems, and art created by our students.

Below are a few photos from past publications.  The dates should convey just how long we’ve been publishing!


                        Here is an excerpt from Earl Kagan, ’48, in the 1947 edition: “On the whole, television is a very wonderful thing. We can see as well as hear the programs.  It is, in other words, radio plus sight.”

Today of course, the topics we’re writing about are a bit different.  We’re thrilled to announce that after a hiatus for several years, the Beacon is back!  This time, it is online. Erika Cain, Cotting’s Writing, Literacy, and Digital Storytelling Instructor, has collected student writing and artwork from this school year and presented it as the new and improved Beacon!  You’ll also find Cotting’s production of the Wizard of Oz posted here!

Have a look at


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