Technology use at Cotting shapes our curriculum in a profound way.  From SmartBoards in classrooms to students’ personal devices, our technology is constantly in use and ever-changing.

As new products become available that enhance our students’ experience, we do what we can to apply the newest, cutting-edge apps and equipment.

Some of our students’ technology use may happen when they are out in the community, either on a class community trip or at a Project Bridges  work site.  Finding accessible entrances to buildings and parking spaces is so important, and now thanks to a 12-year-old from Iowa, that may soon be a whole lot easier.  Alexander Knoll, inspired by a man in his community who was unable to access a building in his community, has been developing a free app that will provide information about wheelchair ramps, disabled parking, braille menus, and more based on geographic location.  His age may be a bit of a surprise, but his intent is genuine.  He recently received $25,000 from Ellen DeGeneres to further develop the app.  This kind of efficient, thoughtful technology use is one of many things Cotting students can potentially use to further their independence.

Read the article and watch the video for more information on Ability App!

“I’m going to work as hard as I can and as fast I can to get it done, and get it out to people” – Alex Knoll

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