Purple Table Reservations

Purple Table reservations is a new initiative that makes dining out a more pleasant experience for families that may need accommodations.  A Purple Table reservation means that families can dine in a quieter section of the restaurant, perhaps closer to the restrooms, and count on patience and understanding from trained staff.  “Purple Table reservations will provide a new level of comfort to families that have struggled with dining out in the past.  Together, we can make dining out a less stressful and more enjoyable experience for all,”  explains Jenifer Apazidis, Founder of Purple Table Reservations.  She is owner of the Red Raven in Acton, MA, which is the pioneer restaurant for the Purple Table program.  While the program is designed for folks with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Autism, PTSD, or a vision or hearing impairment, it is there for families needing any special accommodations.  Eventually as the program grows, customers will be able to search for restaurants with Purple Table reservations in their own geographic area.

If you know of a restaurant in your area that might be a good fit for Purple Tables, connect them with Jen at Jen@PurpleTables.com!

Check the NBC Boston story, and be sure to visit the Purple Table website or follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!