What is your dream job?

March 3, 2017

When asked about their dream job, Cotting students had plenty to talk about!  Erika Cain, who teaches writing, literacy, and digital story-telling at Cotting, presented this question to her students recently.  She joined us a guest blogger to talk about where this idea all started:



“The Dream Job board came into being as a result of Back to School Night, and our theme for this year. I wanted to explore the theme “Putting Our Skills to Work to Build Our Best Life.” I had the students first work with a graphic organizer to brainstorm ideas for things that they felt passionate about doing, and reasons why they might like to do a particular job in the future. We discussed “What makes you the right person for this job?” and “What positive personality traits do I have?”

The students also thought about what makes a particular job fun, and what might be difficult about a job. They explored which tools or skills they each already have that makes them a good fit for a particular job, and on the other hand, which skills and tools they’ll need to continue to work on in order to prepare for a job. I want them to know that if they have passion for something and are interested in learning more about it, they can do it!”

Check out a few examples of the student work that resulted from the project.  To learn more about Cotting’s transition services, visit our transition page!



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