Cotting is committed to incorporating cutting-edge technology into the classroom.  But our Curriculum Groups have discovered that sometimes, Low-Tech is the answer.


Our Curriculum Work Groups have been hard at work all year, enhancing and improving instruction for our students.  These groups are collaborative, professional development groups focused on a particular topic that is relevant to our curriculum and instruction. From using new writing tools, to creating accessible materials, to prepping for the MCAS, our faculty small groups have dedicated themselves to finding creative and effective ways to educate at Cotting.


The “Accessible Materials” Curriculum group – comprised of Lola Piscopo (Upper School Teacher), Elona Roth (Middle School Teacher), Alada Caughey, Amanda Arnst, and Katie Norregaard (Lower School Teachers), Ann Hodson (Occupational Therapist) and Kolleen White (Vocational Teacher) – has found that at Cotting, literacy was the most common area for adapting materials, followed by math and social skills.  They also found that not only high-tech, but low-tech solutions were quite common when adapting materials!  For example, they’ve learned that using checklists and choice boards were the most commonly used low-tech tools, while iPads and SmartBoards were by far the most commonly used high-tech tools.  A combination of both low tech and high tech strategies is often the right approach to learning for some of our students.


Here are just a few examples of the low tech, accessible materials at work at Cotting!




The “All in One Board” is a table top dry erase, magnetic, and Velcro board!  Low tech, many uses!









A teacher may use a flashlight or laser pointer to track words while reading for students with physical or visual limitations!  A simple but effective, low tech device that enables literacy.









This shoe was developed in house to assist a student with her writing.  With the marker attached to the shoe, the student is able to write or draw using her foot.

Low tech, and equally awesome!