Cotting School students, parents and staff celebrated the second season of Challenger Little League on Saturday, June 11, 2011, with a final game and a visit from Wally the Green Monster, who helped hand out hard-earned trophies and team photos to students and alumni.

Coaches Ginny Birmingham, Barbara DeLuca, Cathy Mayo, Sejal Shah, Matt Cuddy and Bill Johnston all received awards and applause. Head Coach and Director of Adaptive Physical Education, Dan Cuddy, received a special award for his outstanding dedication and personal commitment to the students and the community. It was a festive gathering! Parents served student athletes pizza and cake, and everyone enjoyed having fun together. Trophies, awards, team photos, and the food were all provided courtesy of parent Bob Botticelli, who organizes a golf tournament fundraiser each July to benefit Cotting’s Challenger Little League. For more photos, visit us on our Facebook Page.

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